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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mayflower Ancestors Pt. 8: Richard Warren

Richard Warren came on the Mayflower without his family, but his wife Elizabeth and daughters Abigail, Anna, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah came over in 1623 on the Anne. He was not of the Leiden contingent of Pilgrims. Gov. Bradford gives Richard the honorific of “Mr.” in his History of the Plimouth Plantation, but does not give many details of the man.  He does write that Mr. Richard Warren lived some four or five years and had his wife come over to him, by whom he had two sons before (he) died, and one of them is married and hath two children. So his increase is four. But he had five daughters more came over with his wife, who are all married and living, and have many children." All seven of the Warren children grew up, married and had children. 

Richard was born about 1590, probably at Hertfordshire, and his parents are unknown. He was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact and the family appears to have been one of the wealthier ones at Plymouth. Nathaniel Morton's 1669 book New England's Memorial states he was one of the three from London, including Stephen Hopkins and Edward Doty.

Warren linen napkin that came on the Mayflower 

Tradition says that he brought with him a particularly treasured and very portable family possession--a large linen damask napkin, woven in the Netherlands ca 1600, now on display at Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth. As the napkin passed through the family it was signed by family members, beginning with Richard's great-great- granddaughter Abigail Billings Foster, who was born in 1714. The Museum also owns the Warren’s joint stool and porringer in its collection. 
Warren Porringer from the Pilgrim Hall Museum

Richard died in 1628, leaving Elizabeth with seven children ranging in age from under 5 to teens and probably early 20s.

After Richard’s death, the Court took the unusual step of unanimously voting for his widow Elizabeth the Purchaser status her husband held. Elizabeth She died at Plymouth 2 Oct 1673 (sic: should be 22 October), aged above 90 years, "having lived a godly life, came to her grave as a shoke of corn fully ripe" (Plymouth Colony Records, 8:35).

Mayflower Quarterly, Vol 69, No. 2, June 2003, page 214-219, has an article "A Woman of Valor: Elizabeth Warren of Plymouth Colony," by Peggy M. Baker which writes about Elizabeth breaking conventions by living her long widowhood of 45 years as a very independent woman. Elizabeth's activities were documented to an unusual extent in the Plymouth Colony records. In the late 1630s she appears in the records deeding land from the Warren holdings in Plymouth's Eel River Valley to her sons-in-law. Her daughters had grown and married: Mary to fellow Anne passenger Robert Bartlett, Anna to Thomas Little, Sarah to Mayflower passenger John Cooke, Elizabeth to Richard Church and Abigail to Anthony Snow. 

Relations in the large family seemed amicable until trouble loomed in 1652. Elizabeth's deeds to her sons-in-law, were challenged by her son Nathaniel and his wife’s grandmother Jane Collier. The court decided in Elizabeth's favor, finding that she had the power to give the land since she was recognized as a Purchaser in 1637 by the Court. 

The major finding of the panel must have come as a shock to Nathaniel as the expected outcome by law and by custom would certainly have favored Elizabeth's son. The panel issued a stunning confirmation of Elizabeth’s status as head of household and her authority to act on her own and ordered Nathaniel to cease his claims. Nathaniel did receive some land and additional land after the death of his mother. 

When she died in 1673, she received an unprecedented tribute in the Records of Plymouth Colony: "Mistress Elizabeth Warren, an aged widow, aged above 90 years, deceased on the second of October, 1673. Who, having lived a godly life, came to her grave as a shock of corn fully ripe." Read more about Elizabeth on Pilgrim Hall's "Women of Valor" page: http://www.pilgrimhall.org/womanofvalor.htm.

Caleb Johnson has information on the most recent research that has shown Elizabeth’s maiden name to be Walker (www.mayflowerhistory.com): 

"Richard Warren's English origins and ancestry have been the subject of much speculation, and countless different ancestries have been published for him, without a shred of evidence to support them.  Luckily in December 2002, Edward Davies discovered the missing piece of the puzzle.  Researchers had long known of the marriage of Richard Warren to Elizabeth Walker on 14 April 1610 at Great Amwell, Hertford.  Since we know the Mayflower passenger had a wife named Elizabeth, and a first child born about 1610, this was a promising record.  But no children were found for this couple in the parish registers, and no further evidence beyond the names and timing, until the will of Augustine Walker was discovered in December 2002 by Edward Davies.  In the will of Augustine Walker, dated April 1613, he mentions "my daughter Elizabeth Warren wife of Richard Warren", and "her three children Mary, Ann and Sarah."  We know that the Mayflower passenger's first three children were named Mary, Ann, and Sarah (in that birth order), and that they were born c1610, c1612, and c1614, so this put the nail in the coffin and we can say with near certainty that Richard Warren of the Mayflower married in Great Amwell, Hertford to Elizabeth Walker, daughter of Augustine Walker. "

For more information on Elizabeth’s identity, see Edward J. Davies, "The Marriage of Richard^1 Warren of the _Mayflower_," TAG; vol 78 no 2 (April 2003), pp 81 - 86.

Richard’s grandson Benjamin Church had a large role in King Philip’s War. He lived in an area populated by Indians and made efforts to get to know them.

My two lines from Richard Warren that have not been submitted to the Mayflower Society:

1      Richard Warren     1590 - 1628
+Elizabeth Walker  1583 - 1673
2      Nathaniel Warren   1624 - 1667
+Sarah Walker       1622 - 1700
3      Richard Warren     1646 - 1696/97
+Sarah Torrey        1660/61 - 1722
4      Joanna Warren      - 1734
+Samuel Bumpus     1684/85 -
5      Thomas Bumpus      1722/23 - 1778
+Mercy Stewart      1727 - 1784
6      Jonathan Bumpus   1769 - 1847
+Martha Chubbuck        1764 - 1845
7      Rowland Sturtevant Bumpus  1804 - 1853
+Lucy Nye Pierce    1809 - 1896
8       Mary Briggs Bumpus     1840 – 1916
+ Seth Washburn    1828 - 1921
9      Charles Francis Washburn     1857 - 1941
+Hattie Maria Benson    1861 – 1914
10    Carrie Clyfton Washburn      1896 - 1974
+George Brewster Smith        1895 - 1913
11    Arthur Elmer Washburn Davis      1913 - 1976
+Mildred Louise Booth   1917 - 1999
 12  my parents
13    me

2      Joseph Warren       1626 - 1689
+Priscilla Faunce    1633 - 1707
3      Patience Warren     1659/60 - 1718/19
+Samuel Lucas        1661 - 1715/16
4      Joseph Lucas   1689 - 1742
+Melethiah Carey   1685 - 1745/46
5      Barnabas Lucas      1729 - 1778
+Joanna Pierce       1735 - 1799
6      Ephraim Lucas        1763 - 1834
+Azubah Pratt        1769 - 1853
7      Mary Lucas     1792 - 1860
+Ephraim Washburn      1794 - 1870
8       Seth Washburn      1828 - 1921
+Mary Briggs Bumpus    1840 – 1916
9-13 same as above

Famous Descendants: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, Alan Shepard, Richard Gere, Sarah Palin, Grandma Moses, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  and the Wright Brothers. (Source: Notable Kin, Gary Boyd Roberts).

There is a family society for Richard Warren called Warren Cousins. The group doesn’t appear to have a website, but are on Facebook.


  1. I just discovered that I am an 11th great-granddaughter of Richard Warren.

    1. Hi Katie: That's a great discovery! Chris

    2. Me too! 11th greAt granddaughter.

    3. I am also an 11th great granddaughter. My line comes thru Mary Warren and Robert Bartlett.

    4. Me too! he is my 11th great grandaddy,,,my line is thru Anna who married Thomas Little

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  3. Hi Chris. Enjoyed your blog. My husband is also an 11th generation grandchild of Richard Warren. His lineage continues through Richard and Elizabeth's daughter, Ann, and her husband, Thomas Little.

    1. Thanks, Donna! Has your husband had his Warren like approved by GSMD? It's on my very long "to do" list. Chris

    2. Donna & Chris .. I too descend from Ann & Thomas Little .. I prob should talk to GSMD folks about what they need as proofs. I guess that will be my next big project!

    3. Hi Donna, I too am from this line through Ann and Thomas Little. Richard Warren is my 12X great-granddad.

    4. Me too,thru Anna Little, 11th GT of Richard

  4. Richard Warren is my 11th Great Grandfather. My mother's genealogy books were handed to me after her passing earlier this year. How would I check to see if my Warren line is approved by GSMD?

    1. Hello: you can contact the Mayflower Society with your request. It's a $20 fee. There is info here: https://www.themayflowersociety.com/membership-info16

    2. It's a $20 but then they want over $200 for you to become a member before they give you any information

  5. Hi! Richard Warren's is my 11th Great Grandfather by his daughter, Abigail and Anthony Snow. I just submitted my lineage to the Society of Mayflower Descendants which was approved. If you want help with the process, let me know. Martha

    1. I'd like to do this eventually as well, so my children can maintain their genealogy through the Warren/Delano line.

  6. Hello cousin. I am descended from Richard Warren through his daughter Mary (Bartlett) Warren. I have submitted four other lines to the GSMD, but I don't do that anymore. They priced themselves out of my ranged at $100 per Supplemental App. I'm secure in my facts and don't need another piece of paper to validate my research! I keep hoping that other family members will want to join and when they do I will give them some unproved line to join with.

    1. Hi, I am just learning about my family, but I know I am descended from RW through Mary as you are. Please tell me more about your line. Mine makes its way to Ralph Steele in WV, then to Chapman then to Smith.

    2. Me too. I just found out last month thanks to DNA and a match I found. Was looking for parents of my gr8 gr8 grmo and got much more!

    3. I'm a 11th great grandaughter of Richard Warren via Ann Warren and Thomas Little.
      Is there a Dna test that I can take,,,the line starts with my father William Angus Watson
      who the son of Iva Laurel (Toole)
      daughter of Elvira Arena (Forsyth) Toole
      daughter of Sabrina A. (A.(Settle) Clink
      daughter of Thankful (Partridge) Clink,,,,,
      daughter of Elizabeth (Stevens) Partridge
      daughter of James Partridge JR
      SON of James Partridge SR
      SON of Lydia (Keene) Partridge
      daughter of Josiah Keene JR

      {{{{{Lydia Keene's mother was Lydia (Baker) Keene
      daughter of Sarah (Bradford)Baker
      daughter of Major William Bradford
      son of ,,,,,,,,,,,William Bradford

      Now back to the Richard Warren line,,,,,,,,

      Josiah Keene JR was the son of Abigail (Little) Keene
      daughter of Ann (Warren) Little
      daughter of Richard Warren

      Whew,,,that was good practice writing that all out,,,I'm a 'seasoned citizen' and this memorizing of geneological lines has to be good for the brain right ??(altho I did cheat a little and peeked at the book,,,especially at the place where the line switches over to lead to William Bradford.

      Back to the DNA,,,,,which test would be the one to confirm this line and what about the male vs female tests,,,ie,,,since I'm a female and my father has passed etc.

      Happy 'tree climbing',,,such fun isn't it,,,and the view is great.

      Mysie "Maggie (Watson) Stern McJannet

    4. P.S,,,,oooops I left out Jane Ann (Clink)Forsyth
      daughter of Sabina A. (Settle) Clink,,,,,,,,,,

      and Thankful (Partridge) was married to Heinrich Pieter Zettle,,,, made a mistake when I listed her married name as Clink

    5. Hi Maggie, I'm not an expert in DNA. I've had mine done through ancestry and 23andme. They're great for knowing where your ancestors came from and also connecting with cousins which sometimes helps figure out connections. But it doesn't replace researching family lines. Chris

    6. Hi Chris, My ancestry DNA matches me with Beverly Del Grande managed by Michael Del Grande(age 60's from Canada) We both have a direct ancestor named Little. My 10th great grandmother is Abigail (Warren) Little and Beverly Del Grande's 4th great grandmother is Margaret Little. Shared dna 0.3%(19.7 cM)Shared segments=2,,,,Largest segment=12 cM,,,,Medium confidence,,,,,,The two shared SURNAMES in our trees are STEVENS and LITTLE. Stevens(Stephens) was the maiden name of my 5th great grandmother Elizabeth (Stephens) 1743 who married James Partridge b. 1746,,,,,,,,QUESTION ??????,,,,,,Elizabeth Stephens and James Partridge were FIRST COUSINS,,,,,would that make the dna stronger because my DEL GRANDE dna match says we are 3rd to distant cousins????

    7. p.s. I wrote the above info in my book,,,,I have so many matches on Ancestry and now I can't find the Del Grande match.

    8. I'm sorry for the late response. Blogger notifications have been malfunctioning for me. I'm clueless about DNA so unfortunately can't answer your questions. Chris

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  8. Richard Warren is my 15 great grandfather. I'm the descendant of his daughter, Elizabeth.

    1. Always nice to hear from Warren descendants! Chris

  9. Hello Chris. Just stumbled on your blog researching Richard Warren descendants. I am 12th generation from him from my Birthmom. After we reconnected she gave me my genealogy all the way back. Also from the Wright family & the Waterman family (Benedict Arnold is a cousin). Would love to hear from others who are related. Question...Is Dr. Richard Warren, who died at Bunker Hill also a decendant? ADKFREESPIRIT@aol.com

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  11. Hi, trying to figure out if I am descendant of Richard Warren through Mary West. She with her father, Thomas West is in the Mayflower Births and Deaths Vol. 1&2, but i can't see where they go back to Warren. Any help. Thanks, Mike

    1. Mike, I don't know about Thomas West. Rootsweb has a free email list with very knowledgeable subscribers. http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/usa/misc/misc.html

  12. I am a 10th great grand daughter and my lineage is the West family. Thomas west Drusilla Pesbury

  13. I realize I am responding to an old post, but I recently discovered a potential link to Richard Warren. Have you encountered any Carvers in your genealogical research?

    1. There were certainly early Carvers in Plymouth Colony, but since I don't have any in my direct line I have no details. Chris

    2. Wasn't 'Carver' the first signature on the 'Mayflower Compact" I saw a documentary today and the camera filmed the actual signatures,,,,he was said to be very wealthy,,,wasn't he the first govenor?

  14. Me too. ;-) Ruth Brown Watts
    Richard's relation to you: Direct ancestor (11 generations)

    Frederick Sterling Brown
    your father
    James F. Brown
    his father
    Sylvester Brown
    his father
    David Brown
    his father
    Joanna Brown (born Chase)
    his mother
    Jabez Mosher
    her father
    Rebecca Mosher (born Wilcox)
    his mother
    John Wilcox
    her father
    Elizebeth Wilcox (born Cooke)
    his mother
    Sara Cooke (born Warren)
    her mother
    Master Richard Warren, Mayflower Passenger
    her father

    1. Thanks for sharing your Warren line. We also have the Francis Cooke family as common ancestors; I descend from Hester 2 Cooke. Chris

  15. Richard Warren is my 10th GGF and the list is such:
    Richard Warren (1578 - 1628)
    10th great-grandfather
    Elizabeth Warren (1616 - 1669)
    Daughter of Richard Warren
    Joseph Church (1638 - 1711)
    Son of Elizabeth Warren
    John Church (1666 - 1756)
    Son of Joseph Church
    John Church (1696 - 1748)
    Son of John Church
    Jonathan Church (1724 - 1797)
    Son of John Church
    Clarissa Clary Church (1768 - 1841)
    Daughter of Jonathan Church
    Nathaniel Miles Calkins III (1808 - 1858)
    Son of Clarissa Clary Church
    Levina Angeline Calkins (1836 - 1878)
    Daughter of Nathaniel Miles Calkins III
    Mary Paulina Loghry (1857 - 1918)
    Daughter of Levina Angeline Calkins
    John Elmer Dike (1891 - 1961)
    Son of Mary Paulina Loghry
    Anna Lora Dike (1930 - )
    Daughter of John Elmer Dike
    Terry Wayne Kotschwar
    You are the son of Anna Lora Dike

  16. Love your info - thanks!
    Have you heard of the Richard Warren descendant,
    Samuel Black Rider? Descending from Mary Warren?

    1. from Mary at MLLOHR@yahoo.com

    2. Sorry for the delayed response; Blogger hasn't been notifying me of comments. I haven't heard of Samuel Black Rider, unfortunately.

  17. Mayflower application almost complete for me, Laura Emerson Dunn. My line is from daughter Anna Warren's grandson John Little, who md Constant Fobes, an Alden dau (Elizabeth) descendant. Their son John Little Jr md Mary Samson, a Mayflower passenger Henry Samson descendant AND descended from another Alden dau (Sarah) and Myles Standish son Alexander Standish. Five Mayflower lines, counting Mullins. Warren is a favorite of mine. Elizabeth is 2nd of 16 women covering four centuries in America, in my new book (at Amazon) titled ARRIVAL 2020: A History of Women and Men in America Starting in 1620 and Yielding a Provocative 2020 Message. Love your detailed info on the Warrens, Chris!

  18. I have also found that Mr Warren is my 11th Great Grandfather. I am through Mary Bartlett.


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