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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jeremiah Jones ca 1650 to November 1705 and Sarah Dillingham of Yarmouth, Mass.

Note: My line of descent from this family is a bit “iffy” due to lack of records, but it is something I feel confident in personally.  I’m always happy to hear from people who have different information or know of  a source I have overlooked!

Jeremiah Jones was born before 1650 in Yarmouth, Mass., the son of Teague Jones whose wife’s name is not known. I wrote about Teague here.  Jeremiah is my 8th and 9th great-grandfather as I have two lines of descent on my grandmother Milly’s side of the family.

About 1678 Jeremiah married Sarah Dillingham of Harwich (now Brewster), Mass.  I don’t know Sarah’s birth date but she was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Feake) Dillingham.

I don’t think there is absolute proof that Jeremiah married Sarah Dillingham, but they have been identified as husband and wife in various sources including The American Genealogist (see reference below). There’s solid circumstantial evidence, however.  Both of them were from Quaker families with their father’s alternating holding monthly meetings at their homes.  Their children’s names were names of Sarah’s parents and siblings. John Dillingham’s will, dated 15 November 1707, names his daughter Sarah Jones's two children, although not by name (BPR 3:223). Sarah had in fact died before this time, although I'm uncertain as to why he only named two children as I believe all four lived to adulthood. Another detail to work on. 

Children, according to Freeman's History of Cape Cod, order uncertain:

 I descend from Jeremiah and Sarah’s daughter Hannah who married John Baker through two lines: their daughter Alice Baker who married John Burgess and their daughter Bethiah Baker who married Patrick Kelley.

In 1676 he was taxed 2 pounds, 14 shillings toward King Philip’s War.  By deed dated 29 May 1691, Teague Jones conveyed to son Jeremiah his farm on west side of Bass River where Jeremiah was already residing.

Jeremiah didn’t have his father’s penchant for misbehavior as the only time I find his name in records is when he conducted estate inventories or was owned money from or to an estate.

Sarah died before April 1699, likely at Yarmouth. 

Jeremiah married, second, Elizabeth Folland Hall , the daughter of Thomas Folland and widow of Samuel Hall, on 27 April 1699 at Yarmouth (Yarmouth VR).  

Jeremiah died 4 November 1705 at Yarmouth (Yarmouth Vital Records).  He died intestate and administration of his estate was granted to son John who swore to the truth of the estate inventory on 2 January 1705/6 Barnstable Co. Probate Records, 2:208-9). Jeremiah’s estate inventory totaled over 138 pounds and included property where his homestead stood, house and property at South Sea (i.e. Nantucket Sound), meadow at Stage Island (Chatham), household items, farming equipment, including sheep shears, and a pair oxen, a cow and a horse. 

Elizabeth died 17 June 1714. 

Sources Not Listed Above:

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