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Many old Cape families including Kelley, Eldredge/idge, Howes, Baker, Mayo, Bangs, Snow, Chase, Ryder/Rider, Freeman, Cole, Sears, Wixon, Nickerson.
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Female Mayflower ancestors: Mary Norris Allerton, Eleanor Billington, Mary Brewster, Mrs. James Chilton, Sarah Eaton, and Joan Hurst Tilley.
Child Mayflower ancestors: Giles Hopkins, (possibly) Constance Hopkins, Mary Allerton, Francis Billington, Love Brewster, Mary Chilton, Samuel Eaton, and Elizabeth Tilley.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Thomas Chase 1679-1767 and Sarah Gowell

Thomas Chase was born Yarmouth, (in an area that is now Dennis) Barnstable County, Massachusetts on 20 August 1679. He was the son of John Chase (son William 2, William 1) and Elizabeth (Baker). He is my 7th great-grandfather on my grandmother Milly (Booth) Rollins’ side of the family.

Thomas married about 1703 Sarah Gowell, born circa 1692, the daughter of Richard and Hannah (Remick) Gowell of Kittery (in area of Massachusetts that became Maine). Their marriage record isn’t found but Sarah is called Sarah Chase in her father’s 1729 will and she named one of her twin sons Gowell and her eldest daughter Hannah. 

Sarah is maddeningly invisible—I have found no birth, marriage or death record for her. But we do know she had nine children recorded at Yarmouth (now Dennis):

Twins Gowell (“Guell”)  and Samuel, born 22 January 1708
Hannah, born 24 May 1712
Phebe, born 4 July 1713
Richard, born 3 March 1715
Joseph, born 17 March 1717/18
Priscilla, born 10 April 1720
Sarah, born 20 May 1722
Abner, 22 June 1729

I descend from Richard who married Thankful Berry. I wrote about this couple here.

A Thomas Chase, not positive this Thomas, received  7.5 shares in 1712 division of common lands and land at Crocket's Neck  (now Dennis Port) in a 1739 division of lands.

Thomas was a church Deacon. He died 20 November 1767 and is buried at the Ancient/Town Hall Cemetery in South Dennis. His slate stone in adorned with skull and wings and reads: Mr. Thomas Chase Died Novemr ye 20th 1767 Aged 88 years & 3 months.

Thomas Chase's stone

There is no stone nearby for Sarah. But the cemetery has hundreds of gravesites but very few surviving stones. There is a large slate stone near Thomas but the inscription is completely eroded.

I have read that Sarah died in 1726 but that's inaccurate. Her son Abner is born in 1729. The gap in years between Sarah and Abner’s births made me wonder if perhaps Abner was the son of an unknown second wife of Thomas Chase. But Sarah is named as Sarah Chase in her father’s December 1729 will, so she definitely didn’t die in 1726. 

If anyone has additional information on Thomas and Sarah, I'd very much like to hear from you. 

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Richard Gowell died 1729-1730 Kittery, Maine and His Wife Hannah Remick

Richard Gowell’s birthdate isn’t known but it is said he was from Wales, although I haven’t found a source for this. He immigrated to Massachusetts and by 1679 was at Kittery when he signed a petition. Kittery was then in a part of Massachusetts that became Maine. He is my 8th great-grandfather on my grandmother Milly (Booth) Rollins side of the family. I haven’t been able to find much information on Richard Gowell, so would love to hear from other descendants who have resources I have missed.

Richard married Hannah Remick in 1685, probably in Kittery. Hannah was born 25 April 1656 in Kittery to Christian and Hannah Remick.

Their children, order uncertain:

I descend from Sarah who married Thomas Chase of Yarmouth on Cape Cod.

Richard wrote his will 15 December 1729 as Richard Gowell of Kittery, County York, province of Massachusetts Bay. It was probated 6 April 1730, and the inventory was presented 30 March 1730. He names his beloved wife Hannah, sons Richard, William, John, and daughters Tamisin Hunscomb, Mary Hunscom, Sarah Chase, Hannah Taylor, and Lydia Adams.

He left a house in Kittery and 70 acres to his wife during her life and then it would go to his son Richard. He also mentions 20 of those 70 acres had already been deeded to sons William and Jno. He left his four daughters 20 shillings each besides what he had already given them. He left his rights to all common and undivided lands in Kittery and Berwick to sons Richard, William and John. His wife Hannah and son Richard were appointed executors.

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