Welcome! I really enjoy exchanging information with people and love that this blog helps with that. I consider much of my research as a work in progress, so please let me know if you have conflicting information. Some of the surnames I'm researching:

Many old Cape families including Kelley, Eldredge/idge, Howes, Baker, Mayo, Bangs, Snow, Chase, Ryder/Rider, Freeman, Cole, Sears, Wixon, Nickerson.
Many old Plymouth County families including Washburn, Bumpus, Lucas, Cobb, Benson.
Johnson (England to MA)
Corey (Correia?) (Azores to MA)
Booth, Jones, Taylor, Heatherington (N. Ireland to Quebec)
O'Connor (Ireland to MA)
My male Mayflower ancestors (only first two have been submitted/approved by the Mayflower Society):
Francis Cooke, William Brewster, George Soule, Isaac Allerton, John Billington, Richard Warren, Peter Browne, Francis Eaton, Samuel Fuller, James Chilton, John Tilley, Stephen Hopkins, and John Howland.
Female Mayflower ancestors: Mary Norris Allerton, Eleanor Billington, Mary Brewster, Mrs. James Chilton, Sarah Eaton, and Joan Hurst Tilley.
Child Mayflower ancestors: Giles Hopkins, (possibly) Constance Hopkins, Mary Allerton, Francis Billington, Love Brewster, Mary Chilton, Samuel Eaton, and Elizabeth Tilley.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ancestors from Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass.

This post is part of an ongoing project of organizing my direct ancestors by the towns in New England where they lived. I love learning about the towns in which they lived. Please add a comment about your family from these towns or your favorite resources for this area. Much of the genealogical information is a work in progress! I have blogged about many of the ancestors listed, but some I don't know enough about yet to write a sketch of their lives.

John Booth, he was born about 1634 at England, m. Elizabeth Granger in 1656, prob at Marshfield 1704-1709. Elizabeth was born about 1636 in England, daughter of Thomas Granger and Grace Hasse of Scituate. I descend through their son Benjamin born 1667 at Scituate, he married Mary Sutton about 1690 prob in Scituate (Mary was born 1666 in Scituate the dau of John Sutton and Elizabeth Howes). I then descend through their daughter Naomi Booth born Scituate 1691, m. Thomas Pierce at Middleborough in 1714, died after April 1746 in Middleborough.
John Bryant lived at Barnstable and then Scituate. He married three times: 1st Mary Lewis, dau of George Lewis and Mary Jenkins; 2nd Elizabeth, dau of Rev. William Wetherell and Mary Fisher of Scituate; third Mary Highland, dau of Thomas Highland of Scituate. John Bryant died 1684 in Scituate. I then descend through John and Elizabeth’s son Daniel born 2nd Church Scituate 1659/60. Daniel married Dorothy _____ died 1684. I then descend through Daniel’s dau Dorothy, born Scituate 1692/3 who m. Nathan Nye in Sandwich in 1715 and moved to Sandwich.
Thomas Granger of Scituate, m. Grace Hasse in 1620 at Eastwell, Kent, died Scituate 1643. I descend through their daughter Elizabeth who m. John Booth.
William Hatch, born about 1598 probably in Kent, England; He m. Jane Young at Tenterden, Kent, in 1624. He migrated in 1634/5 on the Hercules with his wife Jane, five children and six servants. He was the ruling elder of the Second Church at Scituate. He died at Scituate in 1651 and Jane married, second, Thomas King at Scituate in 1653.
Samuel Howes/House b. about June 1610, Eastwell, Kent, m. Ann Hammond about April 1636, died Scituate 1667. He prob came over with Rev Lothrop in 1634, settling Scituate, was one of the first settlers of Barnstable. Later went to Cambridge, returning to Scituate at some point.  I descend through their daughter Elizabeth Howes b. 1636 Scituate, m. John Sutton at Scituate in 1662, d. after 12 Nov 1691.
Robert Linnell, born about 1584, possibly in Kent, married Peninah Howes in the 1630s probably in London (she was born about 1596 in Egerton, Kent, dau of John Howes who did not come to America), he emigrated first to Scituate and then to Barnstable; was a member of Rev. Lothrop’s church.  He married 2nd Susan ___. I descend through is daughter Bethia, with wife Peninah, who was born before Feb 1641 at Barnstable, m. Stephen Hopkins in 1701, died Harwich 1726.
Thomas Lombard, b before Feb 1582 at Dorset, England, m. Joyce ____, emigrated in 1630, first lived at Dorchester, then Scituate, then Barnstable. He died in Barnstable 1663-1665. I descend through his son Caleb whom I know very little about; he died marry Deliverance Fuller and I descent through their daughter Deliverance who married William Nickerson and lived at Chatham where she died about 1716. 
Thomas Simmons, born 1600 in England, m. Elizabeth Nash (born England 1609, died 1680 at Scituate), died Boston 1682. Also lived at Scituate. I descend through their son John who was b. Scituate about 1640, m. Martha Shephard about 1668 (she was b ca 1648), died Freetown 1711. I descend through their son Abraham who was born 1679 at Freetown, m. Ann Lee in 1707, d. Freetown in 1749. Then through Mary Simmons who was born Freetown 1723, m. Richard Pierce 1745 at Freetown. 
John Sutton b. 1594 Great Snoring, Norfolk, England, m. Julian Adocke 1620 at Eaton, Norwich, Norfolk (Julian was born 1599 Attelborough, Norfolk dau of John Adcocke and Elizabeth Eldred). Migrated on the Diligent in 1638. Lived at Hingham and then Rehoboth.  Died 1672 at Rehoboth.  I descend through their son John who was born 1621 at Great Snoring, m. Elizabeth Howes 1662 at Scituate (she was born Scituate 1636 dau of Samuel Howes and Ann Hammond). I then descend through Mary Sutton born 1666 at Scituate who married Benjamin Booth about 1690 and died after March 1709 prob at Middleborough.
Rev. William Wetherell, b. ca 1600, in England, married Mary Fisher 26 March 1627 in Canterbury, Kent, England (Mary was born 1604 in Boughton, Mochelsea, Kent, dau of Thomas Fisher and Joan Lake), he died Scituate 9 April 1684. A Puritan, he migrated in 1635 with his wife, three sons and a servant. Settled first Charlestown, then Newtowne (Cambridge), then Duxbury and finally Scituate where he was the minister of the Second Church.
George Willard, b. 1611 Horsmonden, Kent, son of Richard Willard and Joanne Morebread, He m. Dorothy Dunster. He arrived New England 1638, settling first at Scituate but he isn’t seen in records there after 1645. He may have gone to Maryland or Georgiana, Maine. I descend through their daughter Deborah born about 1645, Scituate, m. Paul Sears about 1658 in Yarmouth, died Yarmouth 1721.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Ancestors from Plympton, Plymouth Co., Mass.

This post is part of an ongoing project of organizing my direct ancestors by the towns in New England where they lived. I love learning about the towns in which they lived. Please add a comment about your family from these towns or your favorite resources for this area. Much of the genealogical information is a work in progress! I have blogged about many of the ancestors listed, but some I don't know enough about yet to write a sketch of their lives.

John Benson, b. ca 1630 in Hull, married Elizabeth Marsh; moved to Plympton.
Samuel Fuller born about 1658 probably in Plymouth, married Mercy Eaton, died Plympton in 1728. I descend through their son Benjamin Fuller who was born Plymouth 1696, married Mary Sampson and their children were born Plympton. I then descend through his son Samuel born Plympton 1724, married Ann Tinkham, died prob Plympton in 1758. I then descend through daughter Mary Fuller born Plympton 1748 who married Jabez Nye and raised her family in Wareham. She died there in 1802.
Thomas Cushman b. Plymouth 1637 (Thomas 2, Robert 1) who married Ruth Howland, moved to Plympton where he died 1726. I then descend through their son Robert 4 who was born Plymouth 1664, married Persia Lewis, moved to Kingston where he died 7 Sept 1757.
 Martha Lazell b. 1684 at Hingham, m. Daniel Pratt in 1714 probably at Plympton (he was born Plymouth 1680); she died Plympton 1723. I descend through their son Nathaniel b. 1716 prob. Plympton, m. Mary Cobb at Plympton in 1740 (she was born 1722 at Plymouth), He died Plympton 1796. Then descend through their daughter Azubah b. Plympton 1769, m. Ephraim Lucas at Plymouth in 1791, died Plymouth 1853.
Thomas Lucas was born in England about 1630, his wife’s name is unknown but they were married Plymouth about 1654; he also lived at Plympton at some point; he died Plymouth in 1679. I descend through their son Samuel Lucas, b. Plympton 1661, m. Patience Warren in 1686 (she  was born Plymouth 1660); d. Plymouth 1716; I then descend through their son Joseph born Plymouth 1689, married Melatiah Cary in 1727 at Bridgewater, died Carver in 1742. I then descend through their son Barnabas born Carver 1729, m. Joanna Peirce at Pembroke in 1753, died before Aug 1778 at Carver. I then descend through Ephraim Lucas born Plympton March 1763, m. Azubah Pratt (b. Plmpton in 1769) in 1791 at Plymouth, died Plymouth in 1834. I then descend through dau Mary Lucas b. 1792 at Carver, m. Ephraim Washburn in 1822 at Plymouth, died 1860-65 probably in Plymouth
Joshua Pratt, b. England about 1600, m. prob Plymouth in 1630 Bathsheba ____, died 1652-56 at Plymouth. He came to Plymouth on the ship Anne in 1623. I then descend through his son Benajah, b. about 1630 in Plymouth, m. Persis Dunham in 1655 at Plymouth (Persis was born about 1635, daughter of John Dunham and Abigail Barlow), d. 1683 at Plymouth. Then through Daniel Pratt b. about 1680 at Plymouth, m. Martha Lazell about 1714 prob Plympton, died Plympton 1739. Then through their son Nathaniel Pratt born 1716 prob Plympton, m. Mary Cobb in 1740 at Plympton (Mary was born 1722 at Plymouth, dau of Nathaniel Cobb and Mary Waterman), died 1796 at Plympton. The through Azubah Pratt born 1769 at Plympton, m. Ephraim Lucas in 1791 at Plymouth, d. Plymouth 1853.
Richard Wright, born 1608 prob. England, m. Hester Cooke about 1644 at Plymouth (Hester was born 1621-25 Plymouth daughter of Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke and Hester Mahieu), died 1691 at Plymouth.  I descend through their son Adam Wright b. 1644-46, prob. Plymouth, m. 1st Sarah Soule about 1678 at Plymouth or Duxbury (Sarah was born about 1660 at Duxbury the daughter of John Soule and Rebecca Simmons). He married second Mehitable Barrow. He died 1724 at Plympton. I descend through Adam and Sarah’s son Isaac Wright, b. 1686 Plymouth, m. Mary Cole 1717 at Plympton (Mary was born about June 1697, daughter of John Cole and Susanna Gray), died 1766 at Plympton. Then descend through their son Joseph Wright b. 1721 at Plympton, m. Sarah Brewster at Duxbury in 1748 (Sarah was b. 1727 at Duxbury, dau of Joshua Brewster and Deborah Jackson), died Plymouth 1804. Then through Deborah Wright born 1749 at Plympton, m. Seth Washburn in 1792 at Kingston, died after 23 June 1712.