Welcome! I really enjoy exchanging information with people and love that this blog helps with that. I consider much of my research as a work in progress, so please let me know if you have conflicting information. Some of the surnames I'm researching:

Many old Cape families including Kelley, Eldredge/idge, Howes, Baker, Mayo, Bangs, Snow, Chase, Ryder/Rider, Freeman, Cole, Sears, Wixon, Nickerson.
Many old Plymouth County families including Washburn, Bumpus, Lucas, Cobb, Benson.
Johnson (England to MA)
Corey (Correia?) (Azores to MA)
Booth, Jones, Taylor, Heatherington (N. Ireland to Quebec)
O'Connor (Ireland to MA)
My male Mayflower ancestors (only first two have been submitted/approved by the Mayflower Society):
Francis Cooke, William Brewster, George Soule, Isaac Allerton, John Billington, Richard Warren, Peter Browne, Francis Eaton, Samuel Fuller, James Chilton, John Tilley, Stephen Hopkins, and John Howland.
Female Mayflower ancestors: Mary Norris Allerton, Eleanor Billington, Mary Brewster, Mrs. James Chilton, Sarah Eaton, and Joan Hurst Tilley.
Child Mayflower ancestors: Giles Hopkins, (possibly) Constance Hopkins, Mary Allerton, Francis Billington, Love Brewster, Mary Chilton, Samuel Eaton, and Elizabeth Tilley.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ancestors from Chatham, Barnstable Co., Mass.

This post is part of an ongoing project--organizing my direct ancestors by the towns in New England where they lived. I love learning about the towns in which they lived and will list my favorite resources. Please add a comment about your family from these towns and your favorite resources as well. Much of the genealogical information is a work in progress! I have blogged about many of the ancestors listed, but some I don't know enough about yet to write a sketch of their lives.

Nathaniel Covell, birth date/origins unknown, he lived first at Boston when he arrived in 1653, then served Edward Winslow of Marshfield for seven years, then went to Chatham where in 1663 he married Sarah Nickerson, the daughter of Chatham founder William Nickerson (Sarah was born about 1644).  I descend through their daughter Elizabeth who married Jehosophat Eldredge and they raised their family in Chatham.
Jehosophat 2 Eldredge, son of William 1, born about 1658 at Yarmouth, married Elizabeth Covell (her birth date unknown, dau of Nathaniel Covell and Sarah Nickerson), died 1732 at Chatham. Then through Ebenezer 3 Eldredge, born Feb 1707 in Chatham, married Deliverance Nickerson (she was born Chatham in 1728 the dau of William Nickerson and Sarah Covell), moved to Harwich where he died in 1797.
Moses Godfrey, son of George Godfrey, born Eastham 1668, m. Deborah Cooke about 1700 at Eastham (Deborah was born 1679 at Plymouth, the daughter of Josiah Cooke and Deborah Hopkins), died Chatham 1743. Then descend through their daughter Desire Godfrey born about 1712 at Yarmouth, m. Nathaniel Ryder 1728 at Chatham, and died Chatham after Feb 1742.
Ruth Harding, probably born Chatham but date and parents not yet discovered, married Nehemiah Eldredge in 1796, children born Chatham and Harwich, no death record found for her or her husband.
William Nickerson, b. 1604 Norwich, Norfolk, m. Anne Busby about 1630 (she was born about 1608 at Norwich, Norfolk, dau of Nicholas and Bridget Busby), founded the town of Chatham, d there 1690. I then descend through three of their children.
1.      Nicholas Nickerson, b about Aug 1628, m. Mary Darby about 1663 (she was born about 1644 possibly in Plymouth the dau of John and Alice Darby), and a woman whose name is unknown, he died Yarmouth/Dennis 1682. I descend through 2 of Nicholas and Mary’s children:
·         John b. Yarmouth/Dennis 1664, m. Elizabeth Baker in 1696 (she was b about 1675, dau of John Baker and Alice Pierce), he died after April 1712 prob Yarmouth/Dennis.
·         Sarah born 1674 Yarmouth/Dennis, m. John Burgess about 1694 at Yarmouth/Dennis (he was son of John Burgess and Mary Worden, b. about 1674 prob Yarmouth/Dennis.) Sarah d. 1723 at Yarmouth/Dennis.
2.      Sarah Nickerson, born about 1644, Yarmouth/Dennis, m. Nathaniel Covell in 1663 at Yarmouth, they lived a Chatham after 1715.
3.      William Nickerson, born 1646, Yarmouth, m. Mercy Williams 1668 (b. about 1644 Eastham, died 1739), he died before April 1719 at Chatham. I then descend through their son William born Chatham 1668-1675, m. Deliverance Lombard  (dau of Caleb Lombard and Deliverance Fuller) about Jan 1700, died 1742 at Chatham. 
Memorial at Nickerson Cemetery, Chatham Source: Findagrave.com

Samuel Ryder/Rider, b. 1601 Newport Paynell, Buckinghamshire, m. Ann Gamlett, 1628 Northamptonshire, died Yarmouth/Dennis 1679. I descend through their son John Ryder who was born 1636 in Northamptonshire, married ____ , died Yarmouth in 1706. Then through son John Ryder b. abt 1667 in Yarmouth/Dennis, m. Esther Hall about 1691 (she was born 1672 at Yarmouth, the daughter of John Hall and Priscilla Bearse), d. 1719 at Yarmouth.  Then through Nathaniel Ryder who was born Yarmouth 1705, m. Desire Godfrey in 1728 at Chatham (desire was born about 1712 the dau of Moses Godfrey of Yarmouth), died after 1749 in Chatham. Then through Esther Ryder born about 1731 at Chatham, m. Thomas Freeman 1751, moved to Falmouth where she died in 1802.
Richard Sears b. ca 1595 in England, m. Dorothy Jones in 1632, England.  He was one of the first settlers at Marblehead, in 1639 settling permanently at Yarmouth. He may have been a fisherman on Isaac Allerton’s boat White Angel that came into Marblehead in 1632 (which was part of Salem).  He died Yarmouth (now East Dennis) in 1676. I descend through their son Paul who was born about 1637 at Marblehead, m. Deborah Willard about 1658 at Yarmouth(she was born before Sept 1645, dau of George Willard and Dorothy Dunster), died Yarmouth 1708. I then descend through their son Richard Sears born 1681 Yarmouth, m. Hope Howes 1706 at Yarmouth (Hope was born about 1682 at Yarmouth, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Howes), died Chatham 1718. Then through Paul Sears b. Chatham abt 1710, m. Anna Atkins about Feb 1730 at Eastham (Anna was born Eastham 1713 the dau of Joseph Atkins and Martha Pease), he died after 1752. I then descend through Hope Sears (one of Paul and Anna’s 10! Daughters, who was born 1731, Chatham, m. Thomas Howes and lived in Harwich.
Hugh Stewart, last name sometimes Stuard, b. about 1650, early Chatham settler, m. Waitstill Deane about 1672 in Yarmouth (I haven’t found her parents/birth info).  In Falmouth in 1669 and Yarmouth a little later. He died Chatham between 1711-1716. I descend through their son Joseph Stewart who was born about 1688 at Chathan, married Mary ____, died after 1763 probably at Chatham. Then through Lydia Stewart born about 1708, m. Shubael Baker 1733 at Chatham, died 1786, probably at Dennis.

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