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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shubael Baker (1710-1796) and Lydia Stewart/Stuart (ca 1708-1786) of Dennis and Chatham, Mass.

Shubael Baker was born 24 March 1709/10 in Yarmouth, Mass., the son of Samuel and Patience (Berry) Baker (Yarmouth VR). Too bad women didn’t hyphenate their names back then, because Berry-Baker would have been amusing, especially a patient berry baker! Yarmouth Vital Records mention Shubael being born in “Croky Neck” aka Crooked Neck which became Dennis Port. Shubael is my sixth great-grandfather on my grandmother Milly (Booth) Rollins’ side of the family.

Old Postcard of Dennis Port, Mass.
On 19 June 1733 Shubael married Lydia Stewart (also seen as Stuart/Stuard) at Chatham (Chatham VR). Lydia was born about 1708. She was probably the daughter of Joseph Stewart and his wife Mary (according to Early Chatham Settlers) .

The births of their eight children are recorded in Yarmouth VR:

Sylvanus born 10 March 1734/5, married Hannah Burgess and Jane Crowell
Azubah b. 17 May 1737,  m. Jediah Crowell
Temperance b. 24 June 1739, m. Heman Baker
Shubael b. 11 Nov 1741, m. Rebecca Chase and Elizabeth Chase
Elizabeth b. 2 Jan 1743/44,  m. Abner Nickerson
Lydia b.13 Oct 1746 m. Benoni Studley
Ruth b. 25 June 1749, m. Bassett Nickerson
Patience b. 19 July 1752, m. John Baker

I descend from Shubael and his wife Rebecca Chase. I wrote about them here.

On 19 October 1729, Shubael Baker witnessed the will of Margaret Mitchell of Barnstable. On 25 Feb 1729/30, he made oath to the probate judge that he witnessed her sign her will. Not certain if this is referring to “my” Shubael as he would have been just 20 years old and not sure if he ever lived in Barnstable.

Lydia died 5 March 1786 at age 77 at Chatham (from Rev. Nathan Stone’s diary).

Shubael died 26 April 1796, aged 87 at Dennis, Mass (Dennis VR).

I have not found Lydia and Shubael’s burial location. They are not listed in Cemetery Inscriptions of Dennis, Massachusetts.

I haven’t done a tremendous amount of research on Shubael and Lydia, so any additional information from other descendents is most welcome!

Sources Not Listed Above:

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  1. Hi,

    Shubael Baker is my 6th great grandfather. My father had researched the line back in the early 80's, and I was recently looking it at again. I am having a problem as I have come across a record for Patience Berry marriage to Shabael 11 Jan 1707 and also an Elizabeth Berry marriage to Shabael on Jul 30, 1702. In other family trees I have looked at briefly I haven't seen two wives listed. Do you know if they were sisters?

    Jill Goodwin Palmer

  2. 47. "Joseph Stewart, son of Hugh and Wait Stewart, m. Mary about 1712. He kept a tavern on Momomoit Beach near wreck Cove for about 25 years, beginning about 1725 (page 209, note 29 supra). In or about 1753 his house there, which he had left some time before, was either blown down or torn down by maliciously disposed persons(Files superior Court of Judicature Nos. 70,958, 27,319, and 71, 055). At that time he appears to have been living in Harwich or Yarmouth, but later returned to Chatham, where he and his wife were living as late as 1763. There is no settlement of his estate. Children(Chat. Rec.): 1. Temperance, b. Mar. 15, 1713-4; m. William Penney, son of William of Harwich (Int. Mar. 15, 1734-5, Har. Rec.). 2. Prob. Lydia, b. m. Shubael Baker, son of Samuel of Yarmouth, June 19, 1733 (Chat. Rec.)" 3. Prob. Hugh, b. ; tax abated 1741 and 1745. 4. Prob. Michael, b. ; tax abated 1740 and 1741. 5. James, b. May 9, 1722. 6. Mary, b. Mar. 26, 1724; m. Hezekiah Baker, son of Samuel of Yarmouth, Sept 2, 1744 (Yar. Rec.). 7. Abigail, b. Mar. 15, 1726. 8. Samuel, b. Oct. 25, 1727. 9. Alice, b. Feb. 19, 1729. 10. Mercy, b. July 17, 1735; m. Thomas Crowell, son of John of Yarmouth, June 25, 1753(Yar Rec.)"

    A History of Chatham by William C. Smith, 1971 Edition published by The Chatham Historical Society, Chapter XII, p. 272'
    I am descended from Hugh Stewart through his daughter Temperance who married Benjamin Phillips.
    The Thomas Phelps who is mentioned in John Darby's estate settlement is the father of Benjamin. I would give anything to find out where Thomas originated and who his parent's were.

    1. Thanks, Nancy, for posting that information. Very interesting! Best of luck finding information on Thomas Phelps. Chris

  3. Thank you for your blogs; they have been very helpful in my research of my wife's Massachusetts ancestry.

    I am currently researching a Lydia Baker who married Benjamin Howland on 30 Apr 1772 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. U.S., Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900 provided Lydia's birth date of 13 Oct 1746. This suggests that her parents are Shubael and Lydia (Stuart) Baker.

    I notice in your blog that Lydia Baker married Benoni Studley. There is evidence that Benoni and Lydia married on 10 Apr 1766 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts and that they had a least one child born after 1772.

    My wife's family tree also has a Lydia Baker born 1 Jan 1746 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts to Nathaniel and Temperance (Chase) Baker. Could this be the Lydia Baker who married Benoni Studley?

    1. Hello Gerry,
      It could be that my information on Lydia marrying Benoni Studley isn't correct. It is from Library of Cape Cod History and Genealogy, "The Baker Family of Yarmouth, Descendants of Francis," No. 73, CW Swift Publisher, Yarmouthport, MA, 1912. I've found the Baker family to be a difficult family to research as they were so prolific and used the same given names over and over again, so I always consider it a work in progress! Lydia isn't in my direct line, and I haven't looked for more substantial information such as probate records. Chris


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