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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reuben Wixon 1717-1799, Dennis, Mass.

Reuben Wixon was born in Yarmouth, Mass. in 1717, the son of Joshua 3 Wixon (Barnabas 2, Robert 1) and Hannah Baker. Wixon is spelled in a variety of ways, including Wickson, Wixam, Wixom, Wexson, and Wixson. Many people believe Robert 1 Wixon, Reuben's great-grandfather, married a Native American.

Reuben married Dorcas Chase in Harwich on 03 January 1745/46 (Harwich VR). They were married by Joseph Freeman, Justice of the Peace. He was of Yarmouth and she of Harwich at their marriage. The intentions of Rubin Wixon and Dorkis Chase were entered 12 October 1745.

Dorcas was the daughter of William Chase (John 3, William 2-1) and Dorcas Baker (William 2, Francis 1) of Harwich. Her birth record cannot be found, but she is mentioned in her father’s 27 Sept 1771 will.

Reuben was an extensive landowner in Dennis Port. On May 1802 there was a division of some of his land between all his sons. The sons already had houses, some of which are referred to in the division deeds. The land covered a large area which today would be bounded on the east by Division Street, south by the beach, west by Sea Street (with some land west of Sea Street), and on the north by Main Street (Rt. 28). His son Joshua purchase 6 acres of land in the vicinity of Pleasant and Center Streets for $19 in April 1799.
Old Postcard of Dennis Port, showing the post office from my great-grandmother Ethel's collection

Dorcas and Reuben had 10 children born in Yarmouth, now Dennis (Recorded Yarmouth VR):

Anna, b. 07 October 1746, married Thomas Kilby or Killey and 2nd Joseph Chase
Daniel, b. 18 July 1749, married Jane Chase
Thankful, b. 16 April 1753, married Solomon Crowell
Reuben, b. 03 July 1755, married Lydia Gage
Solomon, b.  01 May 1757, married Thankful Arey and Eunice Howland
Job, b. 01 March 1759, married Desire Chase
Joshua, b. 20 May 1761, married Charity Nickerson (have also seen her name as McKum)
Dorcas, 20 December 1763, married Isaiah Eldredge
Barnabas, b. 28 February 1765, married Jerusha Chase
Elizabeth, b. 1769, Jabez Chase

It is quite remarkable for all 10 children to survive to adulthood in 18th century New England. I descend from Job who married Desire Chase. I wrote about them here.

The Wixom Family History says Reuben served in the Revolutionary War and was wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was not an enlisted soldier at the time; he simply hurried to the field, fell in line and commenced shooting, as many others did. Not sure if this is true or just a family story embellished over time, especially since word of the battle would be slow coming to the Cape and “hurrying to the line” would have taken a while coming from the Cape.
Bunker Hill Monument
Reuben’s 22 March 1799 will mentions wife Dorcas, daughters Elizabeth Chase, Annah Chase, Thankful Crowell, Dorcas Eldredge, sons Daniel, Reuben, Job, Solomon, Joshua and Barnabas. It was proved 17 Mar 1800.

Reuben died in Dennis in May 1799, age 82.

Dorcas died in Dennis on July 1801. Rev. Nathan Stone’s diary, pg. 306, date 20 July 1801, states that Reuben Wixon wid was buried. No note of her actual death, but probably a day or two earlier. She is probably buried in the Old Wixon Burying Ground, off Summer Street, Dennis Port.  Perhaps Reuben is buried there also.

Sources Not Mentioned Above:
The Nickerson Family Association, The Nickerson Family, Vol. III, 1997
Derick, Burton N., Dennis Source Records, Volume 1: Church Records, 2004, Diaries of Rev. Nathan Stone.


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  2. This is great information I would love to talk to you more I also come from the same lines.ease email me bigbangrabbitry777@gmail.com Kristina mae Wixon martindale.