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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Job Wixon (1759-1813 ) who married Dorcas Chase, Dennis and Harwich MA

Job Wixon was born 1 March 1759 in Yarmouth, now Dennis, Massachusetts. He was the son of Reuben 4 Wixon (Joshua 3, Barnabas 2, Robert 1) and Dorcas 4 Chase (William 3, John 2, William 1). His birth date is from Yarmouth Vital Records, but it is possibly a transcription error as it doesn’t fit with his age at death of being in his 56th year and is also the same exact date as his brother Joshua.

Wixon is spelled in a variety of ways, including Wixom and Wixson.

Job married Desire Chase in Harwich on 29 December 1785. Desire was the daughter of Sylvanus 4 Chase (William 3, John 2, William 1) and Charity 4 Chase (Isaac 3, John 2, William 1). Job and Desire were first cousins, giving their children a lot of Chase blood!

Job and Desire settled in West Harwich, northeast of Dr. Ginn’s house.
Dr. Ginn's House, W. Harwich, MA (source: Deyo's History of Barnstable County)

In 1728 Job's house area was 513 feet, 6 windows, 19 feet of glass, west by road through Crocker Neck valued $105; 4 acres west by said road, north by William Chase, east by Chases, south by Isaac Chase with a value of $20; he had 3 acres scrub land north and east by Wm Chase, value $6; 7 acres west by Reuben Wixon, east by cartway, south by Job Chase and others, west by Daniel Wixon value $17.50; pieces of marsh bought of Isaac Eldredge lying at Kelley's beach, 3 acres, value $75; 2 acres of cedar swamp bought of James Oliver lying in Crocker's Neck $30. (Note: Crocker’s Neck is current day Dennisport.)

Job and Desire had nine children. Although not all of their births are recorded in vital records, they are mentioned in their father’s will: Job, David, Sylvanus, Eldridge, Rosanna, Dorcas, Desiah/Desire, Charity and Huldah. I descend through their daughter Rosanna, who married James Harding Eldridge. I haven’t done an exhaustive search, but  have not found any records of Huldah, Charity and Dorcas beyond being named in their father’s 1812 will. The rest stayed in the Harwich/Dennis area.

Job's will was dated 17 December 1812 and written when he was living in Harwich. It names his wife Desiah, sons Job, David, Sylvanus, Eldridge, daughters Rosanna, Dorcas, Desiah, Charity, Huldah. Wife Desiah executor. Witnessed by Jeremiah Kelley Jr., Isaiah Chase and Abigail Wixon. Job signed his will with his mark.

Job died 14 January 1813, in Dennis or Harwich, and is buried at the Ancient Cemetery in South Dennis. There are other unmarked graves near him, so perhaps more family members are there as well.

His headstone is slate, arched with flat shoulders, tree of life and an urn. Inscription: "In memory of Job Wixon who died Jan 14 1813 in his 56th year. As I am now so you must be prepare for death and follow me."
I took this photo of Job Wixon's gravestone at the wrong time of day!

CCGS Bulletin, Summer 2000, Volume XXVI, Number 2, Issue No. 88, Transcription of Account Book of Dennis Pauper List, Commenced 1820:
Benjamin Baxter by Deziar Wixon and Elizebeth Taylor @ 0:50.
From July 15 1824 entry: 20:02, Simeon Baker by Desire Wixfon @77 cents per weak 0-77.
Debror Wixson Kept by Deziah Wixon @ 15 cent per week.
15 Jan 1828, Molly Baxter by Desire Wixson .67
Prob. Jan 1829, Salamy Chase by Wd Deziah Wixon .70.
15 July 1836, Simeon Baker by Charity Rogers & Desire Wixson 18=50. Paid Charity Rogers 12=57 and Desire Wixson 18=50.
15 July 1835, Simeon baker by Charity Rogers & Desire Wixson 7/6 week.
15 July 1835, Simeon Baxter by Desire Wixson @ 5/week, 21.67.

Perhaps Desire took in people of little means to make ends meet after Job’s death.

Desire (also seen as Desiah and Keziah) died Oct 8 1858, at age 92 yrs, 5 mos at her death. She died of a “stoppage.”  Recorded under "Deaths of elderly people in Harwich" in the Yarmouth Vital Records.

Desire is buried at the Baptist Church Cemetery, W. Harwich. "Mrs. Desire, wife of Mr. Job Wixon d. Oct 8 1858 ae 92 yrs 5 ms. "Dearest Mother, thou hast left us/ With no stain upon thy brow/ Believing in the words of Jesus,/Doing as you'd hath others do,/ May we follow the example,/In a true and peaceful life,/ Loving good, shunning evil,/ Never harbouring (rest sunk in ground)" Her stone is marble, with some green moss growing on it and is and slightly tilted and sunken in the ground.
Desire Chase Wixon's gravestone at the Baptist Cemetery in W. Harwich

George Walter Chamberlain, Some of the Descendants of William Chase of Roxbury and Yarmouth, Mass., contributed by John Carroll Chase, NEHGR, January 1933

Yarmouth and Dennis Vital Records

Barnstable Probate Records, vol 37, p 81

Simeon Deyo, History of Barnstable Co. MA, 1890

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