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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mary Ann Kelley 1855-1941, Dennis, Mass., married David Kelley

It occurred to me that as part of my series of entries on the children of Valentine Kelley, I should include Mary Ann. Some information about her can be seen in the post concerning her husband, David Howes Kelley, and their children which you can read here.

My great-great grandmother, Mary Ann Kelley, was born in Dennis Port, Mass., on 23 November 1855, to Valentine and Rosana (Eldredge) Kelley.

Old postcard of Dennis Port, dated 1911
Mary Ann was raised on Main Street in Dennis Port. Her oldest child, Polly (or Pollie) Kelley, was born illegitimately on 26 July 1877. Mary Ann was very religious as was her mother, so it must have been a difficult time for the family. I have not found any indication of who the father may have been.

On 27 Dec 1881 Mary Ann married David Howes Kelley in Boston. Mary Ann was 26 years old and David was 39. Mary Ann was David’s third wife and he had two children (two had died young). They were fourth cousins, once removed.
David Howes and Mary Ann Kelley

David and Mary Ann had seven children together: Hiram, Charles, Arthur, Ethel, Harold, Lester, and Robert. Hiram and Lester died as babies. Robert (Robby) died at age 20. Ethel was my great-grandmother.
Ethel Kelley

David and Mary Ann mostly lived in West Dennis, in the same house is father built and where he was born. They were married in Boston, so perhaps they lived there for a bit and they also lived in Brockton on several occasions.
Ferry Street, West Dennis, house where David and Mary lived

Mary Ann was very involved in the Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints (RLDS) in Dennis Port. I also have an old postcard of the Pentecostal Church in Dennis Port with Mary Ann's handwriting on the back saying that this church is where she first went forward in prayer.

My grandmother, Millie, lived at times in her grandparents’ home in West Dennis as a child, so she knew Mary Ann very well. She said she was a stern person, but that she was very supportive of her family. She said she was also a very hard worker, always cooking, cleaning, and sewing in their Cape Cod-style home. She had a garden to maintain, as well as a small orchard and a chicken coop.
Mary Ann outside her Ferry Street home

Mary Ann died 10 January 1941 in West Dennis, Mass, at age 85. Family notes written by her daughter Pollie say she died at 12:30 p.m. Her death certificate indicates her cause of death as influenza and arteriosclerosis. She is buried in the West Dennis Cemetery with her husband and some of their children.

She is mentioned in short history of the RLDS church, from Pauline Wixon Derick's collection: "In October 1949 Maas chimes were given by Franklyn Estey in memory of his mother, Maude Estey, and Ralph Kelley in memory of his grandmother, Mary Kelley. They were dedicated on 2 Oct 1949...This sister Mary Kelley lived in West Dennis and she used to walk from there to Dennis Port, a distance of 4 miles, every Sunday bringing her family with her to church. Two of her sons became members of the priesthood, Elder Harold Kelley, now of Miami, and Priest Charles Kelley, now deceased. One grandson, Harold Kelley Jr. is also an Elder...A picture of the angel bringing the restored gospel to earth was given by Pollie Hoxie in memory of her mother, Mary Kelley."

RLDS Church in Dennis Port

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