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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Charles Lloyd Kelley 1885-1955, Massachusetts

At this time of year, I tend to get a bit sentimental about the importance of family in my life. During this time, I thought I would honor some of my more modern ancestors by writing about the children of my great-great grandparents, David Howes and Mary Ann Kelley. David and Mary Ann lost two children as babies:  Their firstborn Hiram 1883-1884 and sixth child Lester 1895-1896. They had seven children together, including my great-grandmother, Ethel, their only daughter.
Kelley siblings: Harry, Pollie (half sibling), Arthur, Ethel, and Charlie

Part 1: Charles Lloyd Kelley 1885-1955, Dennis to Boston, Mass.
Charles Lloyd Kelley, “Charlie,” was born 23 April 1885, in Dennis, Massachusetts , the second son of David Howes and Mary Ann (Kelley) Kelley. (Dennis VR, vol 3, p 1224). The RLDS Church records have his birth as 27 April.
Charles Lloyd Kelley as a young boy

Charlie is listed in the 1900 census with his parents and siblings. Charlie L., born April 1885, age 15, single, at school 8 months of last year, can read, write, speak English.

I believe Charlie is listed in the 1910 census living on Walnut Street, Brockton:
Charles Kelley, lodger, 24 years old, single, b. MA, parents born MA, job is illegible maybe clerk, industry is grocery.

Charlie was a member of the Reorganized Church of the Latter-Day Saints (RLDS). He was baptized by the Church on 2 June 1907.  Over the years, the church records show his movement to West Dennis, Brockton and Boston. He was ordained a Priest in the Church on 16 October 1907, in Somerville, MA.

Charlie L. Kelley married Annie I. Thompson on 25 Apr 1911, Dennisport, Barnstable, Mass., by Elder M.C. Fisher. (RLDS Records)

Annie was born Dennis Port, 19 February 1889, the daughter of John Thompson and Etta Kelley.

1920 Census, Brockton, MA:
Charles L. Kelley, rents, 31, married, b. MA, driver (?hard to read)
Annie I, wife, 30, solicitor
Edward I, 7
Gordon F., 1 9/12

1930 Census, Somerville, MA, Shore Drive
Charles L. Kelley, 44, married at age 26, b. MA, parents b. MA, builder, own business
Anna F., 40, m. at age 22, b. MA, parents b. MA
Edward, son, 17, b. MA
Gordon F., son, 12, b. MA

Charlie and Annie’s son Edward was born 29 June 1912 in South Dennis. He died in Florida on 1 July 1992 and is buried at West Dennis Cemetery. He served in the Air Force during World War II.
Annie Thompson Kelley with son Edward

Their son Gordon was born 22 March 1918 in Osterville, Mass. He died 5 January 2011 in Marlborough, Mass., and is buried at Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne. He served in the Army during World War II.

They also had a daughter Nanette born 25 August 1920, but strangely she is not listed in the 1930 census. She was of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, at time of her father's death in July 1992. Her married name was Haley.

I believe Charlie and Annie were divorced sometime after 1930. He married 2nd Ellen Marren. My grandmother, Millie (Booth) Rollins, remembered him moving back to his mother’s Ferry Street, West Dennis, home after his first marriage ended and that he made a lot of improvements to the house. She said the updates helped his aged mother, Mary Ann, live more comfortably.
Charlie and Ethel with their mother Mary Ann in West Dennis

Charlie must have had a nice voice as he is frequently listed as a chorister in church records. He also served the church as an auditor.

When I met my cousin June Kelley Willard in 2000, she said her Uncle Charlie was an odd man with strange habits. One example she gave is that he ate corn on the cob raw.

Charlie died 19 January 1955 in Boston. He is buried in the family plot at West Dennis Cemetery.

A small obituary clipping that was in his sister Ethel’s belongs states he died in Boston, January 13 (1955), husband of Ellen M. Marren, and that he was of Milton. The funeral was held at the RLDS Church in Dennis Port. His wake was from Howland Funeral Home, W. Harwich.


  1. I am so glad to have found this blog. Gordon is my grandfather and we know very little of our family history, look forward to hearing from you :)

    Seraphine Kelley

  2. I have a variety of historical documents I can share with you regarding the Kelley's. Including letters and other ephemera dating back as far as the 1880's. My research on ancestry.com allowed me to build a tree on the Kelley side going back eight generations.

    Craig Thompson Kelley, son of Gordon, who was son of Charles, who, as you point out was wedded to Anne I. Thompson. I also have quite few few photographs. Last I knew Gordon's sister lived in North Carolina.

  3. Hi Craig: It's great to hear from you. I'm sure you can help fill in some of the blanks I have concerning Charlie's children, and I'm happy to share what I have. I will email you directly.