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Monday, January 13, 2020

Ancestors from Sandwich, Barnstable County, Mass.

This post is part of an ongoing project of organizing my direct ancestors by the towns in New England where they lived. I love learning about these towns. Please add a comment about your family from these towns or your favorite resources for this area. Much of the genealogical information is a work in progress! I have blogged about many of the ancestors listed, but some I don't know enough about yet to write a sketch of their lives.

Richard 1 Bourne, b. ca 1610, m. Bathsheba ___, died Sandwich 1682. Descend through their son Elisha 2b. 1647 who married Patience Skiffe and remained in Sandwich, then Hannah 3 Bourne 1689 who married Seth Pope.
John Briggs, b. England, original 1640 proprietor of Sandwich, d. there about 1641, m. Katherine ____.  I descend through their son Samuel who was m. Elizabeth Ellis at Sandwich (she was the daughter of John Ellis and Elizabeth Freeman). I descend through their daughter Elizabeth, born Sandwich in 1665 and married John Benson and they moved to Hull.
Thomas Burgess and Dorothy Waynes. Thomas was born England ca 1603, migrated and was at Sandwich by 1637 where they raised their family, dying there 23 Feb 1685. I descend through their son John 2 who was born England ca 1629 and married Mary Worden in Sandwich and eventually moved to Yarmouth which is probably where he died in 1701. I also descend through their daughter Elizabeth born England ca 1630 who married Ezra Perry and they raised their family in Sandwich where she died in 1717.
Edward Dillingham, born 1596 Cotesbach, Leicestershire, came to Nantasket in 1632, first settling at Saugus (now Lynn), then settling at Sandwich. He was married to Ursula _____. I descend through their son John Dillingham b. 1629 who married Elizabeth Feake and lived at Harwich (now Brewster), Mass.  I then descend through daughter Sarah 3 Dillingham b. in Brewster, married Jeremiah Jones and moved to Yarmouth.
John Ellis, he was in Sandwich by 1640s. He married Elizabeth Freeman (born England 1624, dau of Edmund Freeman and Bennet Hodsoll) at Sandwich about 1645. He died, likely in Sandwich, in 1677. I descend through their daughter Elizabeth who married Samuel Briggs of Sandwich as well as their daughter Bennet who married Obadiah Eddy of Middleborough.
Edmund Freeman, b. 1596, Pulborough, Sussex, came on the ship Abigail in 1635, settled in Saugus (now Lynn), later moving to Sandwich as one of the founders of the town. He married Bennet Hodsoll, 2nd Elizabeth Raymer. I descend from two of Edmund and Bennett’s children. Daughter Elizabeth born England 1624 who married John Ellis and moved to Rochester, Mass. And Major John Freeman who moved to Eastham; he was married to Mercy Prence.
Benjamin Nye, b. 1620 at Kent, m. Katherine Tupper 1640 at Sandwich (she was born 1623 at Chelmsford, Essex, dau of Thomas Tupper and Katherine Gator) d. 1704-07 at Sandwich.  Came on the Abigail in 1635. Operated a grist mill. My Nye lines are a bit shaky in some generations so it’s a work in progress but I believe I descend through two of their sons:
1.      Jonathan born Sandwich 1649, m. Hannah ___ and Patience Burgess, died after 7 July 1744. Inherited the grist mill. I then descend through Jonathan and Patience’s son David b. 1706, m. Elizabeth Briggs 1733, died 1796. Then through Jonathan Nye b. Rochester 1740, m. Elizabeth Irish 1762 (she was born 1745, Plymouth, dau of William Irish).  Then through Sophia Nye b. 1763 at Rochester, m. Elisha Benson in 1783 at Rochester.
2.      John Nye, b. about 1650 at Sandwich, m. Esther Shed 1672 at Sandwich (she was born 1650 at Sandwich, daughter of Daniel Shed and Mary Gurney). I descend through Nathan Nye b. 1691, who m Dorothy Bryant 1715 at Sandwich (she was b Scituate 1693 dau of Daniel Bryant). Then through William Nye b. Sandwich 1733, m. Abigail Pope in 1766 (she was born Sandwich 1747 dau of John Pope and Mercy Swift), died 1806 at Sandwich. Then through William Nye b. Sandwich 1765, moved to Rochester where he married Ruth Snow in 1785 (she was born 1768 at Rochester, dau of David and Phebe Snow), he died Rochester 1841. Then through William Nye b. Rochester 1794, m Nancy Snow 1818 at Rochester (she was b Rochester 1797 in Rochester, dau of Silas Snow and Ruth Jones), he died at sea 1831. Then through Aurilla West Nye born 1829 in Rochester (area became Mattapoisett), m. Josiah Benson in 1853 at Middleborough.
Love this old photo I found at an estate auction

Ezra Perry, born England about 1625, m. Elizabeth Burgess 1652 at Sandwich (she was born about 1630 in England, dau of Thomas Burgess and Dorothy Waynes), died Sandwich in 1689. He came to Sandwich with his siblings in early 1640s. I descend through their daughter Deborah who was born Sandwich 1654, m. Seth Pope.
Seth Pope, b. 1689, Dartmouth, son of Seth Pope and Deborah Perry, moved to Sandwich and married Hannah Bourne in 1710 (Hannah was born 1689 at Sandwich the dau of Elisha Bourne and Patience Skiffe. Seth died Sandwich in 1744. I descend through their son John Pope b. 1716 who married Mercy Swift (she born 1719 in Sandwich, dau of Josiah Swift and Experience Nye). They raised their family in Sandwich and he died there in 1762. I then descend through Abigail Pope born 1747, married William Nye and remained in Sandwich where she died in 1829. I then descend through their son William Nye b. 1765; married Ruth Snow at Rochester in 1785.
James Skiffe, b. about 1610, m. Mary ____, died about 1685 at Sandwich. One of the original 13 settlers of Sandwich where he operated a mill. I descend through his daughter Patience who was born Sandwich 1652, m. Elisha Bourne of Sandwich in 1675.
William Swift, born before 1596, England, m. 1st Sarah ____, 2nd Joan ____ 1626 at Bermondsey, Surrey. He migrated 1630 and was first in Watertown , then in Sandwich by 1637 and died by Jan 1642/43 in Sandwich.   I descend through his son William born 1627 prob. In Surrey, m. Ruth ____, about 1650 at Sandwich, died 1706 at Sandwich. Then Josiah Swift born ___ in Sandwich, m. Experience Nye in 1718 at Sandwich (I haven’t placed Experience yet) died 1753-57 in Sandwich. Then Mercy Swift born Sandwich 1719, m. John Pope of Sandwich, died 1815 at Sandwich.
Thomas Tupper b. 1578 Bury, Sussex, England, m. 1st Katherine Gator 1622, Chelmsford, Essex, England, 2nd Susan Turner in 1628 at Topsfield, Mass., 3rd Anne Hodgson in 1634. He d. Sandwich in 1676. He was one of the “Ten Men of Saugus” (in an area that became Lynne) who founded Sandwich. He was likely on the ship Abigail in 1635 but may have come to America on earlier voyages as well. I descend through Thomas and Katherine’s daughter Katherine who was born Chelmsford, England in 1623, m. Benjamin Nye in Sandwich in 1640 and died Sandwich 1676. 

One of my favorite Sandwich resources:
RA Lovell, Jr., Sandwich A Cape Cod Town, 1984


  1. I descend from Edward and Ursula (Carter) Dillingham's son Henry Dillingham clear down to my Grandmother Anna (Dillingham) Hansen.

    1. What a long line of Dillinghams! Must be very interesting to research. Chris

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