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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hugh Stewart born ca 1650, died Chatham, Mass., 1711-1716

Note: Revised and updated Jan. 2018 to add daughter Lydia.

Hugh Stewart was an early settler in Chatham, Mass. I don’t have much information on him—where he’s from or any definite birth or death dates. I do know he was a farmer and that it was likely he was literate as his inventory included books. In records he is sometimes referred to Ensign, so he did serve in the local militia. He is my 8th great-grandfather on my grandmother Milly Booth Rollins’ side of the family. His last name is spelled in a variety of ways including Steward, Stuard and Stuart.

He married Waitstill Deane, their marriage recorded Yarmouth Vital Records, but page is torn. Says Hugh Stuard was married to Watestill (Wate written over Hope) Deane the 13th (torn). First entry on the page; the next entry is also torn ____ary 72 (1672). So I would guess they were married on the 13th of January or February in 1672. I haven’t found Wait’s parents, although I have read she was born Yarmouth 1652, daughter of Robert and Mary Denne/Deane, but without source.

Children, order uncertain as the Yarmouth vital record pages are damaged/worn:

They also had a daughter Lydia whose birth is not recorded. She is not mentioned in will but her daughter Lydia Covel is.

Possibly also had a son John (not mentioned in will and birth not recorded).
I descend from Joseph who married Mary, whose maiden name is unknown.

Description of Deacon Samuel Taylor's land at West Chatham mentions it was bound on the west by Hugh Stewart's farm.

Hugh Stuart of Monomoy aka Chatham with three others petitioned the General Court that “lands purchased of the Indians John and Josephus Quason in 1694, called Monomoy Beach, with some pieces of meadow, etc., may be confirmed to them.”
Map showing location of early settler's lands in Chatham
Barnstable Co. Probate 3:307: Hugh Stuard of Monamoy (Chatham) wrote his will 5 March 1710/11. He asked that his funeral charges and debts be paid. Left to his loving wife Weit Stuard his dwelling house, lands and meadows. If she remarries, to get one third. After her death, three sons, Joseph, Ebenezer and Samll to receive equal parts, some already lotted out to Joseph. He bequeathed 10 shillings to each of his daughters and his grandchild Lydia Covell. Mentions he already gave land to son Michael Stuard. After his wife’s decease, his sons were to pay daughters as follows: Temperance Stuard, 10 pounds; Catom Nickerson 5 pounds; Joanna (no last name given) 5 pounds; Marcey Hall 8 pounds; Grandchild Lydia Covell 5 pounds. Named son Joseph his executor. Signed by his mark. Witnessed by Mary Doane, Joseph Doane Jr., Mary Doane Jr.

Barnstable Co. Probate 3:308. Inventory of Hugh Steward late of Chatham, Joseph Doane Esq. and Joseph Steward, son, excecutors, inventory taken 24 January 1715/16. Mentions livestock (3 steers, young cow, brown heifer, old horse, four swine), food stuffs (hay, wheat, Indian corn, rye, barrel of pork, ½ barrel of beef, bushel of salt), household furnishings and supplies (tallow, yarn, 2 spinning wheels, old books etc. ), farm equipment (grinding stone etc), and an old broken canoe. It is a long inventory list but no total is given.

So Hugh Stewart died in Chatham between 05 Mar 1710/11 and 24 Jan 1715/16. I have seen Waitstill's death as 1716, but without a source.


Barnstable County Probate records

Cape Cod Library of Local History and Genealogy, compiled by Leonard H, Smith, No. 36, Early Chatham Settlers by William C. Smith, 1915


  1. My mother and I descend through son Michael m. Mary ?, via daughter Bethiah m. Samuel Hamilton. Our line continues with Mehitable Hamilton m. Robert Placeway>Mary Placeway m. James McClearn>James McClearn m. Mary Freeman>Robert Freeman McClearn m Adaline White (descendant of William White of the Mayflower). Robert and Adeline are my mother's 2nd great grandparents. Robert was born in 1824 Liverpool,Nova Scotia and Adeline White in 1830 Webster, Lincoln, ME. They married in 1854 Boston and settled in Hardin County, IA by 1856.

    1. Vera, Thanks for posting your line of descent from Hugh! Chris

  2. I descend from Lydia Covell, the granddaughter mentioned in the will. Do you know which of Hugh's daughter's is her mom? I have Lydia Stewart married to Joseph Covell, but you don't list a Lydia as a daughter. thanks!!

    1. Nancy, Thanks for your note. I had mistakenly left Lydia off as a daughter of Hugh since her birth wasn't recorded. Lydia Covell mentioned in Hugh's will was her daughter. I edited my post. Thanks again, Chris