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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mary Pontus ca 1622-1689/90 married first James Glass and second Philip Delano of Plymouth and Duxbury, Mass.

Mary Pontus was born about 1622 in Leiden, Holland, the daughter of William and Wybra (Hanson) Pontus. William and Wybra were members of the Separatists who left England for Holland and eventually came to settle Plymouth and became known as the Pilgrims. I wrote about them here. Mary is assumed to be the child mentioned in an October 1622  Leiden tax record. Mary is my 9th great-grandmother on my grandfather Arthur Washburn Davis’ side of the family.

Mary married James Glass on 31 October 1645 at Plymouth. James was born about 1620, probably at Taunton, Somerset, England. His baptism is not recorded there but it is believed he was the son of James and Mary (Cogan) Glass.
It appears that James came to New England as a servant to his Uncle Henry Cogan in 1637. On 13 February 1639/40 Henry Cogan transferred the five year contract of his servant and nephew James Glass to Manasseh Kempton. (PCR 1:139) James Glass was on the 1643 Plymouth list of men able to bear arms.

James and Mary had four daughters:

1. Hannah born 2 June 1647, died 1648
2. Wybra born 9 Aug 1649, m. Joseph Bumpus
3. Hannah born 24 Dec 1651, Plymouth, m. Isaac Billington before1675 and died between 1704-09. Isaac's grandfather, John Billington was a Mayflower passenger.
4. Mary born after 3 Sept 1652 (after the death of her father), married Samuel Hunt.

I descend from their daughter Hannah.

James died at sea in a storm near Plymouth Harbor on 3 September 1652. His father-in-law William Pontus named him executor of his estate in his 1650 will, but it is unlikely her served as the inventory was filed 20 February 1652/3 after James died at sea. Mary was the eldest daughter of William Pontus and received his homestead and land at Plymouth.
 The inventory of the estate of James Glasse was taken 20 February 1652 (I think this should this be 1652/53) and exhibited to the court on 4 March 1652(/3?) on the oath of Mary Glasse widow. In includes two cows, a steer, a sow, various furniture and household items, a fowling piece, a beer barrel, tools, linens, clothing, and books. He was owed over five pounds from John Barnes and owned a parcel of land he bought from Samuel Dunham worth five pounds. The inventory totaled over 32 pounds. The inventory was taken by John Donham Senior and Ephraim Morton.

What a trying year Mary had. Her father passed away and then her young husband died unexpectedly at sea, leaving her with two young daughters and expecting a third. Her mother had already died, so I wonder who it was she leaned on. Her sister Hannah lived nearby but she had her own very large brood to keep her occupied.

About five years later Mary married, second, Philip Delano in 1657, a man her senior by about 19 years. His last name is also seen as De La Noye. He was born about 1603, possibly at Leiden to French Walloon parents, and came on the Fortune in 1621, and was a prominent citizen. He married, first, Hester Dewsbury in 1634. He died in 1681 at age 79.

"Phillp Delano Senr aged 74 years or there about Testifieth & Sayth . Before he marryed mary Glass ye Relict of James Glass Deceased That she ye sd mary gave all her Lands unto her three children mary wybery & Hannah equally alike
Phillip delano Senr & mary his wife Came this: 3: 1: 76/77 & took oath to this above written Before me John Alden Assist" [From Plymouth Colony Deeds, VI: 93.]

Mary may have had children with Philip, but it is unclear which children he had by each wife. 

Mary died at Plymouth on 3 February 1689/90.

Sources Not Listed Above:

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  1. Nice blog. She and Hester Dewesbury are my 9th ggrandmothers

  2. Thank you for your blog - great information! Mary and James Glass, Philip Delano, and Hester Dewsbury are my husband's ancestors also - I had known that Philip's second wife was a Mary Glass, but I just realized that she was the same Mary Glass from another branch through her first marriage. Thank you!

    1. Glad the blog entry helped. I love when things fall into place like that! Chris

  3. Thank you for your work on this. Most helpful. I am currently researching the descendants of Roger Glass, James's brother. Roger also settled in Duxbury. I would be grateful to correspond with anyone with some knowledge pf the Glass family of 17th century Duxbury. Email: gvglass@gmail.com

    1. Gene, I wasn't aware of his brother Roger, but knew he came from a large family. Interesting! Chris