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Sunday, August 4, 2013

John Nickerson 1664-1745 and Elizabeth Baker ca 1675-1765, Yarmouth (now South Dennis), Mass.

John Nickerson was born at Yarmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts on 10 September 1664, the son of Nicholas and Mary (Darby) Nickerson. I wrote his parents here.  John’s birth is recorded in the Yarmouth Vital Records birth saying he was 10 years old the 10th of September 1674. John was born and lived his life in the area of Yarmouth that became South Dennis. He is my eighth great-grandfather through my Grandmother Milly (Booth) Rollins’ side of the family. 

Dennis Historical Society- south Dennis
Old photo of South Dennis

John married Elizabeth Baker on 19 August 1696 at Yarmouth (Yarmouth VR). She was born about 1675, the daughter of John and Alice (Pierce) Baker.

John and Elizabeth had eight children recorded in Yarmouth Vital Records:

1. Elizabeth born 11 May 1699
2. Mary born 12 June 1701
3. John born 1 June 1703
4. Patience born 15 April 1705
5. Israel born 31 March 1709
6. Tabatha born 15 June 1713
7. Marcy born 22 November 1716
8. Eleazer born 2 April 1718

I descend from their son John who married Mary Small/Smalley.

Some sources also give them a son Gershon, probably a twin of Israel, who died in infancy in 1709.

In the 1712/13 division of land by the proprietors, John Nickerson received considerable land north of his father's land in what is now South Dennis, extending easterly, in some cases as far as the Harwich town line. It was this land on which his sons Israel and John Jr settled, moving up toward what is now Highbank in South Dennis, near the Indian Lands. John's son Eleazer inherited his father's properties.

John built his first house on his father’s land just north of where the South Dennis Congregational Church (aka the Sea Captains’ Church) stands today. He left that house to his son John. Just before his death in 1745.  he built a house directly across from the church on Main Street. His first house also still stands, which he gave to son John. He left the new house to his son Eleazer.

I need to find out if either of these houses still stands today.

The Congregational Church  est. 1817

John Nickerson died 23 July 1745 at Yarmouth (Yarmouth VR).  I have yet to look for his probate records.

Elizabeth Nickerson died 5 January 1765 at Yarmouth (Rev. Stone’s Diary).

I don’t believe stones survive for John and Elizabeth, but I would imagine they are buried at the Congregational Church Cemetery in South Dennis.

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