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Monday, June 24, 2013

Daniel Baker b. 1650 and Elizabeth Chase b. ca 1656, Yarmouth (now Dennis) Mass.

Daniel Baker was born at Yarmouth, Mass., (now Dennis) on 2 September 1650, the son of Francis and Isabel (Twining) Baker. He is my 7th great-grandfather on my grandmother Milly (Booth) Rollins’ side of the family.

Daniel married Elizabeth Chase on 27 May 1674, at Yarmouth (now Dennis). She was born about 1656, the daughter of William and Mary Chase. They were Quakers.

Elizabeth and Daniel had at least six children:
Daniel, born Yarmouth, April 1675
Samuel, born Yarmouth, October 1676
Hannah, born Yarmouth, 1696
Thankful, born Yarmouth 1698
Elizabeth, born Yarmouth (no date given in Yarmouth VR)

One of the children was born in October 1700, but name is not legible in the vital records. Perhaps Tabitha. I have seen additional children for Daniel and Elizabeth, but not sure if they are accurate: Elisha, Joseph and Abraham.

I descend from Hannah who married Joshua Wixon. I wrote about that couple here.

Daniel received 20 shares in the 1712 division of common land.

Daniel Baker served in King Phillip's War, in the First Expedition, receiving pay of 3 pounds 3 shillings in 1675. In 1676 he had taxable property worth 13 shillings, 9 pence. In 1733 his descendants received a land grant in Maine for Daniel’s service in King Philip's war. He was granted 107 lots at Narragansett Township No. 7 (now Gorham, ME) for his service. Samuel Baker and William Baker also received lots, likely his brothers.

Daniel served as a fence viewer at Bass River in 1696-7, 1697-8, 1699, 1700, 1701, 1702, 1703, 1704, 1707, 1708-9, 1710, 1711. A fence viewer settled disputes regarding boundary lines and oversaw construction of walls, fences, hedges and other markers that divide properties. They sometimes were also expected to deal with problems involving roaming livestock.

In September 1704, Daniel Baker served on a jury.

In March 1700 Daniel and his brothers William, John and Thomas Baker were asked by the Sandwich Monthly Meeting why they were "walking disorderly concerning training." Apparently several men were attending the militia training and were thereby remiss in their duty to the principle advocated by their faith. The following month the above men answered. Daniel and Thomas did not know that they should go to training anymore.
File:East Sandwich Friends Meeting House, East Sandwich MA.jpg
Sandwich Quaker Meeting House

Daniel Baker lived in what is now West Dennis, on the southeast corner of Main Street and Center Street. He later moved to Southeast corner of Pine and Maple Terrace in South Dennis and was the first settler in that part of town. His house is now part of the oldest house in town, known as the Judah Baker House.
Dennis Historical Society- south Dennis
South Dennis photograph from Dennis Historical Society

My Bakers and Chases are always confusing, so if anyone sees anything here that is incorrect, please let me know!

The date and location of Daniel’s death haven’t been discovered but he died after 1713, possibly in Rhode Island.

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  1. Thank you for this Daniel was my 8th great grandfather

  2. Hi Chris,
    Very interesting. My family is through the line of Daniel. He was my eighth great grandfather.

    1. P.S. My family line is now Canadian.

    2. Alan, Nice to hear from you. Where in Canada did your Cape Cod family first settle? Chris

  3. I am also a descendant of the Baker and Chase families. These families intermarried often and both intermarried with the Sherman family of Portsmouth.

    Francis1 Baker
    Daniel2 Baker m. Elizabeth3 Chase (Wm2, Wm1)
    Joseph3 Baker m. Isabel3 Sherman (Samson2, Philip1)
    Daniel4 Baker m. Sarah4 Chase (Samuel3, Wm2, Wm1)
    David5 Baker m. Peace5 Chase (Stephen4, Joseph3, Wm2, Wm1)
    David6 Baker m. Betsy Raymer
    Isaac7 Baker m. Almeda Pratt
    Mina8 Baker

  4. I am very interested in determining the earliest dates when the Baker and Chase families of Yarmouth converted to being Quakers. The Chase family intermarried with the Sherman family with two marriages between 1670 and 1675. As the Sherman family was from Portsmouth, 70 miles from Yarmouth, it would seem that the Sherman and Chase families likely interacted through the quarterly and annual Society of Friends meetings as the Cape Cod and Rhode Islands monthly meetings were in a common group. The Baker family didn't intermarry with the Sherman family until three marriages between 1705 and 1711.

    You provide information on the Sandwich Monthly Meeting (which would have been the closest monthly meeting for the folks from Yarmouth) as disciplining some of the Baker men in 1700, so we know the Bakers were Quakers at least by 1700. Where did you access the Sandwich Monthly Meeting records? I really need to make arrangements to spend some time going through those as well as the records for the Rhode Island Society of Friends' meetings. Thanks for any advice.

    1. Hi Ron,
      I haven't seen the original Monthly Meeting records. The 1700 reference is from Nancy Thacher Reid, Dennis, Cape Cod from Firstcomers to Newcomers, 1639 – 1993, published in 1996.
      NEHGS has an online article about Quaker resources with links: https://www.americanancestors.org/education/learning-resources/read/quaker-guide
      You could also check to see what records might be on microfilm through Family Search.
      Good luck! Chris